Sick of Massive Trump Sign, Architect Wants Flying Golden Pigs To Block It

Chicago Trump Tower golden pigs block letters

DOWNTOWN — A Chicago architect wants to hide the massive Trump Tower sign with a row of strategically placed flying golden pigs, a display aimed at providing "visual relief to the citizens of Chicago."

I'm not sure about you fellow citizen, but the thought of golden flying pigs giving Chicagoans visual relief from that unique and detestable combination of letters is a pleasant idea. Who thought Donny would ever become President? Who ever said this would happen when pigs fly? Well just like Donny's golden toilets in his flocked penthouse ...those golden pigs did fly. And most Americans are frightened what will happen to our country.

Visual relief proposed in Chicago for the TRUMP name

The idea, a self-described "folly" from Jeffrey Roberts at Chicago-based New World Design Ltd., isn't part of a formal proposal, but his renderings of "flying pig" balloons tethered to the Chicago River aim to address Chicago's objections to the tower's 20-foot-tall letters, which were in place long before the real estate mogul was a contender for the presidency. ... continue reading