Taylor Smith Artwork Leasing Program

Sometimes Leasing Artwork Makes a Great Deal of Sense ....

Taylor Anne Smith artwork corporate art lease

Under the art lease model, we can provide clients with original artworks for their spaces on a medium or long-term basis. This allows for a tax savings that can be significant on large projects or in commercial settings, avoiding the multi-year depreciation of a capital expense, while taking advantage of shifting your artwork budget to a monthly operating expense.
What is the benefit for the client? Many times, the art budget on different projects falls below the true need to create an inviting and impactful space. With our Corporate Art Leasing Services, we now offer the possibility to have a superior collection created specifically for your space that can change partially or completely over the years and eventually be purchased.
We work with you on the selection of pieces to compliment the project space. We subsequently handle all framing, installation, moving and shipping of different works as needed. 


The Taylor Smith Studio offers Corporate Art Leasing Services, a tax-deductible, turn-key solution making world-class art affordable and commitment-free for residential, commercial and hospitality properties. Lease artwork ... it makes sense.

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We can provide the various options for this program upon request.