Artist Series Wine Labels For Your Special Vintages & Blends

Artist Series Wine Labels by Taylor Smith

Artist Series Wine Labels

You create wines that look good on the table but more importantly, taste good in the glass.

Good labels stand the test of time. Whether it's the gorgeous art filled Chateau Mouton Rothschild labels dating from 1945 to present, or the classic all-text 1950s Stonyfell Metala and Penfolds Grange labels, wine drinkers know instantly what they signify. 

License the perfect art for your wine label to commemorate a unique vintage, a special blend or to expand your line of attractive and eye-catching wine labels. Taylor Smith will create unique paintings specifically designed to highlight your winery or you can select and license existing artwork which fits with your vision and greater marketing efforts to create a truly collectable bottle of art, both inside and out. Simply complete the contact form on this page to begin a discussion about your own artistic wine label.

''The lure of a well designed wine label. Yes, there is something very legitimate about the fact that art is relevant to wine and that wine is a work of art'' 
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