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Mountain Snowfall Levels Are Struggling Due to Climate Change. You Can Make a Difference.

Art Can Make A Difference. Art Can Unite The World. Art Can Erase Borders. Art Can Heal Our Planet.

Taylor Smith creates a series of original fine artwork for the benefit of fighting climate change and to benefit snow-related causes using samples of melted snow water sent to her by people from every corner of our planet. These individuals are capturing a vial filled with snow from their very special place on the mountain and allowing Taylor to use that water to create an original artwork. These original artworks raise funds and awareness for the fight to save our winters. 40% of every original painting and fine art print is donated back to the amazing organizations that are fighting every day to save our winters, fight climate change and save our snow pack.

Contact Taylor to discuss how you can use art and melted snow water from your special place on the mountain as a way to educate, raise awareness and raise funds for your organization and the cause in which you so deeply believe. 

Snow Connects Us All

Taylor receives vials of melted snow water from winter athletes, mountain residents, those at winter resorts and passionate altitude travelers from around the globe. These vials consist of water from the melted snow from their travels, from where they have skied, from the landscapes they love.  Identified only by a mountain name and altitude and a personal story that they share with Taylor, it is then immortalized into a unique contemporary winter themed artwork reflecting the individual and their story.  Taylor has worked with passionate individuals over the years from every corner of the globe, all having different backgrounds, passions and stories. These artworks provide a way for people to participate in the creation of real artworks and also create a deep personal connection to the work that they know they are a real part of.  Connecting art, snow and travel has a unique way of bringing the community together to mobilize against climate change. Whether you have already made a memory at a mountain location that is represented here or it represents a place that you one day dream to visit and conquer, this is your unique connection to Giving Back. This is your chance to save our winters and protect our snowfalls.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in purchasing artwork. Where can I purchase online?
We are building an online store dedicated to these snow themed artworks. Check back in a few days and there will be links right here on this page! 

I have a favorite mountain destination that is special to me. I would like to collect snow from this special place and send it to you so that you can create a painting for me. How do I get started?
Simply complete the form on the right and you will receive one or more vials with instructions on collecting your snow and how to return it to Taylor’s artist studio.

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My budget is modest but I would like to participate. What can I do?
We have signed limited edition fine art prints of each unique painting. Art prints are limited to a series of only 50 prints and are hand signed by the artist and noted with the elevation and location where the snow was collected that was used to make the painting. These prints are packed carefully and shipped flat to you. Each print is sized to fit in a standard frame that can be purchased at almost any frame shop or home good store.

Own The Mountain: Fight Climate Change One Artwork At A Time

The world is getting hotter and it is our fault. As the percentage of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere rises, our planet heats up. Glaciers melt. Seasons blend together as winters become warmer. Safe levels of carbon dioxide are below 330ppm. Right now, our carbon dioxide level is over 400ppm, and rising. What’s to be done? I am an artist, avid snow skier and someone who appreciates our planet’s snowy landscapes and pointy bits. I want to give back and I believe that I can do this through my art.

How It Works:

• Purchase unique artworks which have incorporated water as an ingredient from melted snow from the worlds great mountains, winter sports locations, winter resorts and highest peaks.
• Or request a vial to collect snow from your special place. Return the vial to Taylor and she will create a unique, customized artwork based upon your special place and your own story.
• Taylor will donate all profits from the sale of these artworks to an official organization dedicated to fighting climate change with a specific focus on protecting our winters and the changes that affect snowfall in our mountain communities. In every case this amount will be at least 40% of the price of the artwork.


Request Your Vial - Give Back When You Commission Your Own Artwork To Fight Climate Change

40% of the proceeds from your artwork will be donated directly to an official organization dedicated to fighting climate change and protecting our snowfalls.

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Physical Address Where You Would Like to Receive Your Snow Collection Vial
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Join the movement ... “make art work” to protect our winters and turn back climate change