Confronting death, war, wealth, opulence, capitalism, violence and history squarely in its grim face, Taylor Smith creates a loosely connected group of artworks which take as their subjects luxury designer brands, military drone video and night vision images from the Iraq war, political corruption, classic Greek & Roman sculpture, prescription pills and brain scans of medical patients.

Smith appropriates source material from Wikileaks video, social media, the local shopping mall and hospital radiology files and uses silk screen, digital printing and toner ink transfer as a means to mechanically fix these lurid images in stark contrast the designer labels and company logos worshipped by consumers. These works are a critical take on the haves versus the have-nots. Smith fuses separate worlds together — the explosive and visual power of wealth, fashion and money juxtaposed against the grit of war, politics and power. The result? Art that takes collectors to new and quite emotionally dark places.

Smith contrasts the senseless tragedies of our time, ones that are expressed in war, corruption, medical crisis and the failures of the American dream with the status symbols and toys of the wealthy who are often ignorant of the pain suffered by others and presents them as history painting, in the tradition of the grand statements by history’s most noted artists.