Polaroid artwork framed

Individually Manipulated & Hand Painted Expired Polaroid Film Artworks in Custom Made Frames

Artworks created with vintage Polaroid cameras, including a 1970 Polaroid Alpha-1 Land camera, a Polaroid 450 Land camera and a supply of expired vintage Polaroid film. Individually framed and hand painted artworks speak directly to the loss of analog technology and the memories of what we perceive as better days. 

These images of abandoned and dying hotels, motels, liquor stores, gas stations, billboards and neglected spaces were manipulated with light during development, hand tinted, signed and numbered on the back and then painted again with graffiti representing that of the environment in which these places exist. This series of work is limited in it's scope. When this stock of vintage Polaroid film is gone, it is gone forever. Polaroid ceased operations and their original film stock has all but vanished. I am able to create custom works, as well as portraits to document a moment in your life. Please inquire.

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