Combine your love of travel, fine art, food & wine into an unforgettable life experience at this art workshop in Tuscany, the heart of Italy. Taylor Smith Contemporary Art Workshops are intimate and personal and located in the heart of romantic Italy.

Italian stone farmhouse during Taylor Anne Smith artist workshop in Tuscany


Contemporary small group art workshops in Italy with Taylor Smith are a wonderful opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the study of creating artworks within classically beautiful landscapes. With the instruction of a knowledgeable, accomplished, and passionate artist and teacher, you will experience first-hand the best of food, art history and travel.

Treat yourself to this fantastic opportunity to create contemporary art in beautiful Tuscan countryside towns near the wine regions and Renaissance cities of Florence, Arezzo, Lucca and San Gimignano. It truly doesn’t get any better than this for artists. Soak up the ambience and culture of this famous historical region during our inclusive art travel workshop.  Allow your experienced tutor to guide you around from one inspirational backdrop to another. Learn to create artworks influenced by your local experiences during your stay in Italy with confidence through expert workshops segments all while enjoying the best local accommodations, food, wine and visits to nearby places of interest. Whether you’re influenced by the illustrious facades of the ancient cathedrals and palazzos, the grand spaces of Florence’s many piazzas or the beautiful rolling hills filled with olive tress and vineyards, you really couldn’t be in better hands on our Italian countryside creative workshops.

We can certainly say that our love affair with Tuscany began more than three decades ago when Taylor left her art studies for a week to regroup in Italy. From her first meal in an old trattoria in Florence to her last glass of wine near Lake Como before heading back to University, she was hooked. That tangible passion that permeates almost everything in Italy inspired her to continue creating and truly dedicate her life to the arts.

What’s included in this art travel workshop tour of Italy?

  • 7 nights accommodation in a historic stone farmhouse in the region of Tuscany near to the vibrant towns of Florence, Arezzo, Montepulciano, Siena and Lucca. Located conveniently between Florence and Rome within short distance to wineries, medieval villages and amazing art destinations

  • Chef-style locally prepared breakfast, lunch and bountiful evening meals with locally sourced fine wines from the vineyards of Tuscany

  • 5 mornings of intensive art workshop instruction with art creation. A break for a wonderful local meal and then afternoon programs of study and travel to places of artistic interest. Helpful critique of your artwork in the evenings

  • All materials including paints, premium brushes, canvas, Arches paper and all other necessary workshop supplies and equipment are provided

  • Guided tour of local art museum and historical structures on excursion day

  • Intimate art workshop group sizes ranging from 6 to 10 members

  • Customized activities for non-painting partners including cycling tours, regional cooking classes, Tuscan wine tastings, shopping excursions & architectural tours

  • Pick-up/drop-off to and from airport or local train station at stated times

For Groups: If you are wishing to book an artist workshop tour with your established painting or travel group, we are happy to arrange a specific art workshop course of your choice. Group discounts apply. Simply contact us with your requirements.

Non-painting partners are welcome at a reduced rate and can join us on all our trips and excursions. Optional customized activities are available for non-painting partners during art workshop creative times. 30% per person deposit required to reserve the art workshop. Balance is due five months prior to workshop date. 

Dates will be flexible based on your group! Simply inquire by submitting the form and we will provide available artist workshop date options.

PLEASE NOTE:  This calendar year is currently SOLD OUT with the exception of 8 person groups or larger. If you have your own group we can arrange a customized workshop based on dates that work best for you. Otherwise, please inquire now for next year! Planning early is a great idea!

7 Day Art Workshop Course Price including accommodation and meals:

  • Twin/Double room per person - $ Please inquire

  • Single Room (limited availability) - $ Please inquire

  • Does not include airfare or transportation to art workshop location

Taylor Smith has been teaching artist travel workshops for more than 20 years in Europe and the United States. She studied fine art at the Akademie der Bildenun Künste (AdBK) in Berlin and Nürnberg as well as having assisted and participated in far ranging projects with many artists, including Keith Haring / West Berlin 1987.

Drawing upon her many years of living and painting in Europe, Taylor Smith offers an immersive art and travel workshop where you will learn masterful abstract art techniques, relax in a beautiful historic home while you enjoy fine wine and professionally prepared local cuisine.

Journey to Italy for an unbelievable artist workshop adventure in art and travel! Enrich your artistic practice while experiencing historic culture, local cuisine and the beautiful landscapes of Tuscany and the Northern Regions. Relax and enjoy under the guidance and tutelage of an experienced and compassionate artist, teacher, and fellow traveler!

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Tuscany is located in central Italy and is the unquestioned rock-star of deep international interest in art, food and wine. Its landscape, artistic heritage and stand-out cities - first among them Florence - make Tuscany the ideal location for a week of learning new and varied contemporary art skills all while enjoying the local cuisine and beauty of this golden landscape. In this region, nature has many different facets, beginning on the coast that has soft and sandy beaches with rocky cliffs and steep bluffs. The islands near the Tuscan coast are flanked with lush verdant life, a crystal-clear sea and historic legends. Tuscany is home to the Apuan Alps as well as lakes and lagoons which make this a land of contrasts. Artists will find that by merging the beauty of both man and nature, medieval villages along with historical towns and castles provide boundless inspiration for new works of art. Ancient towers and domes jump from the Italian landscape to create points of interest and being forth new ideas for blending the old and the new, the abstract and the figurative which is so important in the art of the 21st Century. And Tuscany is filled with spas which always offer relaxing afternoons thanks to their thermal waters and well-equipped facilities. What more inspiration does one need to renew their artistic practice and embrace the true and lasting foundations of happiness, health and a truly artistic life?

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