Abstract Landscapes: Fluid Movement and Light


Landscape abstraction is the art world’s Miles Davis and James Brown. It came along and challenged our perceptions and the way we think about the world we see. We discuss and understand how abstract landscape painting can defy the outdated, Bourgeois viewpoint of a traditional landscape painting simply by changing the dynamic and the focus. We will use a palate knife, gel medium and metallic paints to focus light and texture in ways that impart the skills for you to transform the conceptual definition of what landscapes can be, and the ways they might be explored in contemporary art.

We use diverse and non-traditional materials on our canvas, including the wine from local vineyards to impart shading as well as meaning to our landscapes. We will allow the beautiful and tranquil location of our workshop, specifically the golden, sun drenched wine regions of California, France, Spain and Italy, to influence our techniques. We leave our brushes behind in this segment of our experience and we get physical with the materials. We will drip and throw mixtures of local wine and soil onto flat-lying canvas to create the flowing grass and flowers found in these works. Through this more physical and chaotic process, we will learn the skills to communicate a sense of quiet elegance, peace and tranquility. 

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