Balancing Opposites in Abstract Composition: Ancient Yin & Yang Principle

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Composition is all about the arrangement of objects and elements and their relationships to one another. This is specifically important within the framework of your painting or any form of artwork. Yet the concept of composition is elusive. A myriad of factors working together all at the same time has a great impact. How do you keep track of line, color, form, contrast, movement and area of focus? When you approach composition from the viewpoint of balance, it can allow you to create harmony and the right focus to impart what you are trying to say within your painting.  In our workshops, I often find myself coaching fellow artists to balance out overly saturated colors with neutrals or contrasting areas of black. If you find your color values seem to be all mid-range, by including very dark or very light values will balance a work. For very complicated and intensely detailed works, including negative or quiet space assists in visually balancing your statement.  In this workshop segment, we will together explore the elements and principles of composition in terms of pairs of opposites:  bright versus dull; large versus small; textured versus smooth; busy versus quiet, and so forth.  You will come away with the confidence to create dynamic compositions, and a deeper understanding of how to balance the Yin and Yang of visual composition!

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