Intuitive Painting


Discover new tools and the techniques that will launch you forward and free you from any ruts that may be holding you back. We will explore a more spontaneous way of working. Connect directly to your intuition and express yourself with paint, charcoal drawing, and collage. Because our workshops take place in beautiful landscapes and historic homes and villas filled with flowers, authentic food and locally grown wines, we paint on certain days outdoors and on certain days indoors - but always under the ideal creative conditions of our inviting location. We listen to music, sketch with charcoal and crayons, we create our own collage papers using local inspirations, we improvise, we collaborate, and free ourselves from our normal perspectives.  

By taking ourselves away from our daily routines, we learn to be fully present to the process, we let go of old expectations that inhibit us, and greatly expand our ability to express ourselves artistically. These new techniques are quite friendly and adaptable, so those of us without years of artistic development can still easily make them a part of our daily studio practice. Both experienced as well as beginning visual artists and creatives will find this a wonderful way to step back and view their art practice in a different light. This can create breakthroughs and establish a new path moving forward.  

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