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How do you make visually appealing yet personally meaningful art? How do you make art that is quite personal and demonstrates progression? My long-held view is that there are no short-cuts or gambits to this lofty yet elusive goal. It really takes a great deal of work and being prolific in your studio practice to cultivate a real confidence and inner awareness of who you are as an artist.

Fortunately, being prolific in quantity and making a lot of art is fun, if you can let go of your expectations and the self-doubt that plagues some artists and hinders creativity. In this workshop segment we will focus on quantity – making many of pieces or art from one idea or foundation. Our pieces don’t have to be great; they don’t even have to be complete. However, by focusing on quantity, you learn step-by-step to let go of the judgment and indecision that can hold you back, and we will get the much-needed practice so that we can move through those ordinary frustrations to create art in a truly uninhibited way.

After initially creating rapid-fire works, we will also have a chance to slow down and go deeper into the pieces as we loosen up. We will have the chance to be expansive and generous with ourselves, to examine what is happening and have fun! 

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