Monoprint Collage


We will explore an entirely new and exciting universe of possibility when we combine paint and the collage of locally sourced papers and newspaper clippings with monoprinting techniques.

We begin by layering color, locally inspired patterns, and textures on our monoplate to create our own unique vision of gorgeously printed collage papers. Next we will integrate your new monoprint skills and collage techniques to build images directly on a paper substrate. We will focus on pulling light out of a dark background as well as working dark on light.

Those who love to draw will find freedom using these techniques as your color sense is expanded, and your drawing abilities can evolve to a higher level.

The boundaries between painting and printing will begin to dissolve as you gain confidence and a real malleability of process. Monoprinting is an exciting new means of creative expression, and one that will become important to you in your studio practice as you further evolve as an artist.

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