Process + Series = Success

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Process is essential when creating abstract visual art. Here we explore the idea that working in a consistent style and cohesive group is a process that can lead to great breakthroughs.

In the end, whether your resulting series of pieces hang together or not is secondary to the fact that this process gives you the room to explore, to work out different solutions to visual dilemas, and of course to develop your own confidence in the face of true uncertainty. Yes, the idea of creating a series can be daunting. It sounds intimidating and perhaps even towers over you like a mountain.

Working in series really gives your art practice focus and strength. It can be intimidating to stare at a blank paper or canvas with so many possibilities swirling in your mind. But when you learn the skills and discipline,  the parameters of a series can create mindful clarity and a real beginning point. When viewing “series” as just one of the many basic artistic processes in your art making toolbox, you can break away from the idea that one single individual piece is a Holy Grail and your fear of ruining it because there is only one. Free yourself and give yourself more room by working in multiples.

As this workshop progresses, day by day we will work more independently, setting our own parameters and guidelines. Learning the process of working in series will help to keep your creativity alive and thriving!

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