The Micro & Macro of Visual Ideas


We challenge our perceptions of scale through the intermingling of both small and large imagery, and we explore how abstract artworks can reveal patterns and similarities between scales that explore the ideas behind our work. This blending of “micro and macro” within our work bridges art and science, raising questions about how we interpret various points of view, our understanding of scale, as well as the broader universe and our place within it.

We will explore the language of chemistry and of molecules as representational elements within our work, as well as satellite imagery and mathematical equations that speak to a larger concept.  The micro elements represent details that would otherwise be represented by everyday objects. Thus the difference in scale becomes a part of the conversation and challenges the viewer to explore further. We consider not only the level of scale, but what each image represents. Is it a smokey, charcoal drawn molecule or does it represent the candle smoke from a still life in the tradition of the old Dutch Masters?

We will use the local countryside and our beautiful workshop setting to draw inspiration for the elements in our new micro & macro abstract works. We learn that scientific curiousity combined with natural elements can draw the viewer in to consider the imagery for the beauty of its own while contemplating it’s meaning.  And within meaning, lies visual beauty.

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