Visual Improvisation: Adjusting On The Go


Why is improvisation so important to your growing art practice? Improvisation gives you the freedom to think out of the box, out of your own habits. Improvisation gives you the means to excel in your creativity. Without the skill to improvise it's hard to change your own ideas.

The word serendipity springs immediately to mind. Making a happy discovery by accident. And with the skills we will impart in this workshop segment, we use accidents to create a piece of art that becomes very personal and one that is shaped by the our decisions in the moment and by our immediate environment. We will explore a visual world beyond the standard design principles and concerns of composition. We let go of rules and expectations and we discover what is unique about you as an artist. But if you’ve ever tried this, you’ll know that it is much more easily said than done. How do we quiet the instincts and habits that tell you that you must “get it right” on the first try? If we allow ourselves to create without concern for color theory, composition and balance or the urge for truly accurate representation ... will we simply just make a mess? In this segment we will take a broader view of creativity and you will gain the tools to create what is meaningful to you in your own voice. We’ll begin with a foundational structure so that you can create your own variations on around a central theme; then we’ll move to a broader kind of “visual improv” - one where you create-as-you-go in every aspect of the painting. 

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