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Artist Travel Workshops in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Morocco and the Napa Valley. Combine your love of travel, fine art, food & wine into an unforgettable life experience. Workshops are intimate and personal.

Taylor Anne Smith painting in progress at the artist workshop Italy & France


Contemporary artist travel workshops with Taylor Smith are a wonderful opportunity for the art minded to immerse themselves in the study of creating artworks within classically beautiful landscapes. With the instruction of a knowledgeable, accomplished, and passionate teacher, you will experience first-hand the best of food, art history and travel.

Designed for artists and art lovers at all artistic levels, these artist travel workshops allow students of all skill levels working in various mediums an intensive exploration of contemporary artistic skills in the heart of romantic European, Moroccan or California landscapes. Working both inside a studio and outdoors, students will learn to extract their visions from these rich landscapes through sketches, drawing, painting, and photographic reference, putting together high-impact paintings using color theory and composition. Color theory will be used to move beyond basics into expressive creations with strong, effective compositions. Students will learn how artists from various art movements – such as the Cubists, Modernists, and Abstract Expressionists – thought about and used color, form and composition.

Studies will begin with black and white compositional exercises and progress to tonal studies of micro and macro composition. Use of color and material will then be introduced, including an overview of color theory. Emphasis in the artist travel workshop will be on composition, technique, and complex material development. Our artist travel workshop group will meet for image & slide discussions, group critique, and studio work. Students will receive focused and individual instruction and attention.

Taylor Smith has been teaching artist travel workshops for more than 20 years in Europe and the United States. She studied fine art at the Akademie der Bildenun Künste (AdBK) in Berlin and Nürnberg as well as having assisted and participated in far ranging projects with many artists, including Keith Haring / West Berlin 1987. 

Workshop Descriptions

Travel to beautiful destinations to learn masterful abstract art techniques in our artist travel workshops. Relax in a historic home while you enjoy fine wine and professionally prepared local cuisine. Perfect!

Journey to Europe and other destinations for an unbelievable adventure in art and travel! Taylor Smith invites you to join her exclusive Artist Travel Workshops to Italy, Germany, France, Morocco, California Wine Country & Spain. Enrich your artistic practice while exploring historic cultures, cuisine and beautiful landscapes. Relax and enjoy under the guidance and tutelage of an experienced and compassionate artist, teacher, and fellow traveler!

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